Pass your Life in the UK Test without reading the Book

✓ Based on the official Book

✓ 1000 Questions for Practice

✓ Unlimited Mock Tests

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There are so many questions in this app that you'll go the exam with complete certainity that you'll pass. I passed the test! ★★★★★

Exclusive Features

Don’t Spend Long Hours Reading the Book

The questions in the Life in the UK app covers the entire content of Life in the UK official Handbook. So you don’t have to read the book. Practising from this app can guarantee that you will pass your Life in the UK Test.

And if you have already read the book then why not give some mock tests and gain more confidence.

Review section for last-minute preparation

The day before your real test, would it not be neat if you could revise all the questions that you find hard to remember while practising? The Review feature keeps track of all the questions you find tricky and stores them in a handy list for revision.

Refer to this section time and again, as you move ahead with your practice, to get the best results.

Instantly search for a word or a phrase

No more “Was Bloody Mary and Mary Queen of Scots the same person?” or “What was UK’s population in 2010?” Just type in a word or a phrase in the search bar and get a list of questions that match.

When the rings close, you are ready

The Life in the UK Untangled app will track your progress in form of rings. The rings move as you learn new chapters and pass mock tests. This makes things simple - Install the app, close the rings, pass your Life in the UK test.

And everything else you expect from a Life in the UK test preparation app

  • ✓ 1000 questions and easy explanations, all prepared from the official handbook
  • ✓ Mock Tests to give you a taste of the real test. Attempt as many as you can

    ✓ Exclusive features to make your learning easier and faster

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I passed the test! ★★★★★

There are so many questions in this app that you'll go the exam with complete certainity that you'll pass.

— zeddab

Refreshingly straighforward ★★★★★

It's a well thout out app that gets straight to the point of earning about the UK and quizzing your knowledge. I love that it keeps coming back to questions you got wrong so that you can learn from it.

— EmlynC

Simple & well thought out. ★★★★★

There wouldn't be a simpler app than this for Life in UK tests. No signups required, no clutter of advertisements, no activation or personal information is asked. It has simple Q& A layout. Explanations to Answers particularly helped me learn more about the subject. God for users at any knowledge level.

— 9 Gager

So easy to use! ★★★★★

Tried many apps, but this one is value for money.

— user20382173

Excellent quizzes. ★★★★★

The app repeats questions to drive the learning home, and is very simple to use.

— holdenweb

Top ★★★★★

Fantastic app...just need landscape mode for iPad.

— DoubleDouble87

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy the Life in the UK Untangled app instead of the official Handbook?
While keeping the content accurate, we provide a much better way to practice for the Life in the UK Test. While practice, you are required to answer multiple-choice questions. If you are not sure of the answers, you can always tap the help button and you will see the correct answer along with their explanations. In addition to practice, the Life in the UK Untangled app has exclusive features that are designed to help you over the line. For example - instant search, smart revision and a universal progress tracker.
Am I not taking a risk by not studying from the book?
Don’t worry. Our experts have made sure that they cover the entire book without leaving any fact behind. If your practice is 100%, there won’t be a single question that you can’t answer.
How long does it take to prep for the Life in the UK Test test?
Unlike other apps, we do not recommend a personal plan. Instead, we have a universal progress tracker i.e. the rings. You should book your test when the rings close. Revise while you are waiting for the test by giving mock tests.
Can I prepare for my Life in the UK test by just giving Mock Tests?
Why Not! You can give unlimited mock tests. These tests are designed on exactly the same pattern as the actual Life in the UK Test. Each test is 45 minutes long with 24 questions. You must score 75% (means 18 or more correct answers) to pass the test. After attempting each mock test, you can also review your scores which will show you exactly which areas you need to work on.
Does the app have all the updated content?
Yes. We regularly update our app in accordance with the Official Life in the UK Handbook. All the content in the Life in the UK Untangled app is carefully developed by professional experts.
Does the Life in the UK Untangled app work on the iPad or Android Tablets?
Yes! The Life in the UK Untangled app works on the iPad as well as Android Tablets. In addition, we have made certain adjustments so that our users have a pleasant experience with a larger screen.
Is the Life in the UK Untangled app easy to use?
Yes! We have designed the Life in the UK Untangled app to be easy to use. Every feature, every detail is meticulously designed to help you pass the Life in the UK test.
Is the Life in the UK Untangled app useful while doing last-minute preparation?
No doubt! You can use the Review section in the app to get all the questions in place that you get frequently or recently wrong during practice or test. Also, you can use the Search section in the app to look for any particular word or phrase. This will show you the list of questions that include that particular word or phrase.
How does the Review section in the app works?
You can use the Review section in the app to get all the questions that you frequently or recently got wrong during preparation or in your last test at one place. You can also review the scores of all your attempted tests, which will show you the areas you need to practise more.
What does the Search section do?
Search section can be used anytime in the app to look for any particular word or phrase if you cant remember which topic it lies in or if you don't want to go through the whole topic.
Why do people fail Life in the UK Test?
Lack of practice is the main cause of failing the test. However, nervousness also plays a very important role while giving the test. Both of these issues can be overcome if you give enough mock tests. The mock tests in the Life in the UK Untangled app are created in the exact pattern as the real test. These tests have the same time limit as the real test. The number of questions is also the same as that in the real test. You can give as many mock tests as you like. A time will come when you think you are ready for the real test.
What type of questions are asked in the test?
You should expect three kinds of questions in your test. **1- Multiple Choice Questions**: You will be given several answers to the asked question and you need to mark the correct answer(s). **2- True or Fale:** You need to mark True or False for the statement given in the question. **3- Choose the correct answer(s):** You will be given a set of statements and you need to select the true ones.
When should I book the test?
Life in the UK Test must be booked online at least 3 days in advance.
What documents do I need to book the Life in the Uk Test?
You must have the following before you book your test * email address * debit or credit card * an accepted form of ID (this can be your valid passport, Biometric Resident Permit, Biometric Resident Card or any other travel document) Important: You must take the same ID (the one you used to book your test) to the test centre to prove your identity. You won't be allowed to take the test unless you provide the same ID you used while booking the test.
How much does the Life in the UK test costs?
It costs £50.
What is the expiry period of Life in the UK Test?
There is no expiry period. You need to take this test just once in your life.
Do I need to travel to take the test?
As you book your test online, you can choose where you want to give the test. There are more than 30 test centres in the UK where you can give the test.
What should I do if I fail the test?
You can give the test again. And again. However, it will cost you money and time. So prepare from the best source and stay positive.
Can I give my Life iin the UK Test Online?
No. You must go to a test centre to give your Life in the UK test. However, you can book your test [here](
Are life in the UK Tests taking place during National lockdown?
Yes. Life in the UK test centres are open and continue to conduct tests with social distancing measures in place.
Why does one need to take Life in the UK Test?
Passing Life in the UK Test is a compulsory requirement if you are applying for British citizenship or settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK.
Who cannot take the test?
Any person between 18 and 65 years of age, applying for indefinite leave to remain (Settlement) or British citizenship, can take the test You do not need to take the test if you: * are under 18 * are 65 or over * have passed it before * have a long-term physical or mental condition (must be supported by a doctor’s note)
When can I take Life in the UK Test?
There is no expiry date of the test so you can take it whenever you think is the right time before you apply for your Settlement or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
What documents you need to take to the test centre?
1- Prood of ID: the same that you used to book the test 2- Proof of residence (must be originals and this cannot be any older than 3 months prior to the date of the test) these can be: * gas/electricity/water bill * a council tax bill * bank or credit card statement * UK photocard driving license * a letter from the Home Office with your name and address on it

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