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Mock Tests are awesome After reading Discover Canada, I needed to do some practice tests. This app has unlimited tests. I attempted a few every time I had time and it gave me confidence. I will definitely recommend this app. Great test help ★★★★★

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Exclusive Features

100% Pass Results

Our lovely users who practice from our app gave us full marks. Which means they were able to pass their Canadian Citizenship test in first attempt. Check our reviews section to see the awesome feedback they gave to our app.

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When the rings close, you are ready to roll!

The Canadian Citizenship Untangled app will track your progress in form of rings. The green ring move as you finish practising each chapter and the red ring moves every time you pass a mock test. Once you close the rings, it means you are ready to give the test.

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Fact Sheets to feed your visual memory

In our app, we use several scientific ways to help you learn more and retain the flood of information that you have gained. Here you will find timelines, dates, facts, numbers and dates in pleasant and easy to remember formats.

These carefully designed fact sheets can be used as a quick reference just before the test.

And if you are a visual learner, the fact sheets are the best way to start your learning.

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Review section for last-minute prep

The Review feature keeps all the tricky questions, you had difficulty learning, in one place. You can always refer to this section after every practice or after completing the whole practice.

And once your test date approaches, you can just go to the Review section and go through the list of challenging questions that you frequently got wrong in the past and practice just those.

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Search for a word or a phrase in no time

When you wish to find a certain question and you can’t remember which chapter you should look in. We have a solution!

Go to the Search section, type in a word or a phrase in the search bar and get a list of questions that matches your search.

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Read what our users are saying

Great test help ★★★★★

Mock Tests are awesome After reading Discover Canada, I needed to do some practice tests. This app has unlimited tests. I attempted a few every time I had time and it gave me confidence. I will definitely recommend this app.

— Pardesizzz

SK001876 ★★★★★

So simple and easy to use. I'm impressed with how easy the app works. It shows a circle that moves every time I finish a chapter or pass a test. It was a great feeling when I finally completed the whole circle.

— Sanjay Kumar

Muy buena ayuda ★★★★★

Una aplicación muy util e informativa.

— Juangaboco

Awesome app ★★★★★

Passed after practicing for 2 weeks I found reading from Discover Canada quite hard and I kept forgetting the dates. Your app has a really nice way of helping memorize dates and events. I had no plans to prepare from anything else except Discover Canada but my roommate referred this app and Im so grateful that she did. I passed my test after practicing 2 hours everyday for 2 weeks.

— VivekToronto

Una de las mejores aplicaciones que he probado ★★★★★

Esta app es una excelente alternativa para estudiar y memorizar todo lo relacionado al Examen de ciudadanía canadiense.

— angelica p lopez

RK64577 ★★★★★

So many questions to practice from. I have not found this many practice questions any any other app that I used before this one. Also there are unlimited tests. So when I finished my practice, all I did was practice my timing with these mock tests. On test day I was feeling very confident and found the test quite easy.

— Rachna Kumari

Sabikaraaz ★★★★★

Great App, This app has 600 plus questions and covers everything.

— Sabika Raza

Excelente herramienta !! ★★★★★

Muy buena aplicación para entender y aprender cómo es un examen de la ciudadanía canadiense , el sueño que muchos queremos cumplir.

— carlos a puerto

Faizan Hasan ★★★★★

I Passed! Thank you for the great app. I used only your app and had a good time practicing.

— Faizan Jafry

Excellent ★★★★★

Excellent app for practice the citizenship test.

— Mattcolombia

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy Canadian Citizenship Untangled app instead of the official Handbook?
Canadian Citizenship Untangled has carefully curated 600 plus practice questions, straight from *the Discover Canada* handbook. While keeping the content accurate, the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app provides a much better way to practice for the Canadian Citizenship test. In the Practice mode, you are required to answer multiple-choice questions. If you are not sure of the answers, you can always tap the help button and you will see the correct answer along with their explanations. In addition to practice, the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app has exclusive features that are designed to help you with your learning and practice. For example - instant search, smart revision, universal progress tracker and above all illustrated cheat sheets help you remember the maximum information.
Am I not taking a risk by not studying from Discover Canada?
Don’t worry. Our expert content developers have spent considerable time creating the questions database. It has been their priority to cover *Discover Canada* entirely without leaving any facts behind. If your practice is 100%, there won’t be a single question that you can’t answer in your Canadian citizenship test.
How long does it take to prep for the Canadian citizenship test?
Some users have claimed that they practised for 2 whole days and passed. We recommend that you choose your pace, considering the time you can spend on the preparation. Canadian Citizenship Untangled has a built-in universal progress tracker in the form of rings. These rings move as you proceed with your practice. Once the rings close, it means you are ready to book your test. And as you wait for the test date, give the final touches to your practice by giving mock tests. There are unlimited mock tests.
Can I prepare for my Canadian citizenship test by just giving Mock Tests?
Why Not! You can give unlimited mock tests. These tests are designed on exactly the same pattern as the actual Canadian Citizenship Test. Each test is 30 minutes long with 20 questions. You must get 15 or more answers correct to pass the test. After attempting each mock test, you can also review your scores which will show you exactly which areas you need to work on.
Does the app have all the updated content?
Yes. We regularly update our app in accordance with *Discover Canada* - the official handbook. All the content in the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app is carefully developed by expert content developers.
Does the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app work on the iPad or Android Tablets?
Yes! The Canadian Citizenship Untangled app works on the iPad as well as Android Tablets. In addition, we have made certain adjustments so that our users have a pleasant experience, practising with a larger screen.
Is the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app easy to use?
Yes! We have designed the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app to be easy to use. Every feature, every detail is meticulously designed to help you pass the Canadian Citizenship test.
Is the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app useful while doing last-minute preparation?
No doubt! You can use the Review section in the app to get all the questions in place that you get frequently or recently wrong during practice or tests. Also, you can use the Search section in the app to look for any particular word or phrase. This will show you the list of questions that include that particular word or phrase.
How does the Review section in the app works?
You can use the Review section in the app to get all the questions that you frequently or recently got wrong during preparation or in your last test in one place. You can also review the scores of all your attempted tests, which will show you the areas you need to practise more.
What does the Search section do?
The search section can be used anytime in the app to look for any particular word or phrase if you can't remember which topic it lies in or if you don't want to go through the whole topic.
Why do people fail Canadian Citizenship Test?
Lack of practice is the main cause of failing the test. However, nervousness also plays a very important role while giving the test. Both of these issues can be overcome if you give enough mock tests. The mock tests in the Canadian Citizenship Untangled app are created in the exact pattern as the real test. These tests have the same time limit as the real test. The number of questions is also the same as that in the real test. You can give as many mock tests as you like. A time will come when you think you are ready for the real test.

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