An un-startup & consultancy by Ainy & Ali

The story, so far

We created Dripl because we wanted to find out if we could build a profitable internet business together. Between us, we spent 20 years at startups. This means:

Half of Dripl is an un-startup. We are building digital products but we are not seeking hockey stick growth, looking for venture capital or working 100-hour weeks.

Half of Dripl is a consulting agency. We advise clients on adopting Lean Startup principles in the enterprise. This helps us fund the un-startup, but we are also very good at this.


About 175,000 people take the Life in the UK test every year to qualify for residence. Ainy was one of them last year. She tried several apps on the App Store to help her prepare for the test but didn't like any of them so we decided to build an app she would love.

During research, we found that 5 out of the top 20 best-selling apps on the App Store were for test-preparation so we took a step back & built an engine that transforms a spreadsheet of multiple-choice questions into a beautiful, singing-and-dancing test-preparation app for the iPhone.

We are dogfooding the engine to build an app for the Life in the UK test. This will be followed by more test-preparation apps until we feel we have something reproducible. At this point, we might launch the engine as a no-code solution for building test-preparation apps.


If you like the planning, strategy and execution for our un-startup, we can help you do the same for your product or business. Please reach out and we will be happy to discuss if we can help you and how.

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